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I had a commute to Ventura from Simi Valley five days a week. There were parts of the freeway that were cement sections that made my truck bounce every time I hit a gap. At 65 mph my truck was shaking for miles. My watch was shacking on my wrist and things were rattling in the cab. Needless to say it was annoying and uncomfortable. After I installed the Willybar my truck was transformed. Not only was my truck riding better and smoother than ever before, but my truck had more traction and steered better too. The truck now felt more put together. I’m really glad I got the Willybar and am enjoying my truck’s smoother ride everyday. Thanks Willy!   Erick  -  Simi Valley, CA

1998 CHEVY S-10


“The Willybar really made a difference!! I have a Nissan Titan and I drive from Oxnard to Simi Valley for work and my truck did not have the best ride. After installing the Willybar it really made a difference. I can’t imagine driving with out it. Every pick up truck owner needs this. I’m glad I had it installed. It’s a must have.”  Dario - Oxnard, CA

“My Chevy 3/4 ton Crew Cab Longbed had an extremely uncomfortable bounce. I drove a customer home and she became really sick, to the point I had to pull over. The Willybar has solved that problem. I can actually drink my coffee. I would say the bounce has dramatically reduced by 90%.”  Larry - Camarillo, CA

“What an awesome addition to my truck! I own a 2008 lifted F250 super duty and before I installed the Willybar driving on the freeway was tough on the kidneys. I commute 25 miles a day and most of that is on the freeway. Immediately I noticed the Willybar drastically reduced the amount of bouncing I would usually experience when driving on the freeway! It’s a night and day difference! The overall drivability has also improved and I see no change in the mileage of the truck. I definitely recommend the Willybar for any truck owner. Thanks again guys!”  Allan - Oxnard, CA

“I am a new owner of a 2007 Toyota Tundra double cab and travel Mon-Fri on a stretch of the US 101 freeway between Ventura and Thousand Oaks. I love my truck but the only thing that was really becoming an issue was the freeway truck bounce I was experiencing on my daily commute. Between 65 - 75 mph, my bed would shake, the car would vibrate, bottles would bounce out of my cup holders, it basically felt like someone giving you a bad massage that sometimes ended up in a headache. Switching lanes would not do anything either. The only way I could lessen the truck bounce was to drive 75 mph or faster. Can someone say speeding ticket? I contacted my dealer and they said that the truck bounce was normal since it was a big truck with an unweighted bed. their suggestion was to put sandbags in the bed. I was approaching to try a product called the Willybar to remedy this problem. I was willing to try anything so I gave it a try. After installing the Willybar, the freeway truck bounce and bed shake have significantly been reduced, by at least 50%. There is still a bounce, but now it’s just your normal big truck feeling, not the whole body shake it once was. The truck seems more stable and less of a task to drive on the freeway. My wife will now ride in the truck with my 2 year old daughter. They actually fell asleep during a recent trip on the same stretch of freeway. She compared it to the bounce in her Honda Passport. I would highly recommend the Willybar if you own a truck that suffers from the dreaded freeway truck bounce, especially if you live in California with its concrete freeways.”  Mike - Oxnard, CA

“I recently got the Willybar installed in my truck and almost immediately I felt the difference.  I drive the brutal 101 freeway between Oxnard and Camarillo on a daily basis and as we all know, it’s a bumpy ride on that stretch of freeway.  With the Willybar, the difference is significant.  My rear view mirror and steering wheel used to shake non-stop on that stretch of freeway.  Now it’s much smoother and I can actually see through my rear view mirror without seeing a blur.  Thanks William for the quick installation and great service.”  Chris - Oxnard, Ca

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2008  FORD F250



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