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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Willybar fit my truck?

The Willybar will custom fit most 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton truck models, including those for Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, and Chevy. If you have any questions, please call 877-338-3222 or email us at info@willybar.com

How do I know when the Willybar is ready for pickup? 

We will arrange to have your plates ready for pickup at a local fabricator, based on the address provided.  Once we receive payment, we will notify you once the Willybar will be ready for pickup, based on the fabricator’s production schedule.   

How much is shipping?

The plates will be arranged for pickup at a local fabricator in your area or can be delivered for an additional fee (depending on how far the fabricator is from you).  Shipping is FREE for ramp, & airbag, shipped anywhere in the United States to a nearby Fedex terminal or business.  NY & FL will require an additional charge.  For every 2 Willehpad seat cushions, shipping is also FREE where cushions can be delivered directly to your residence.

Can I remove the Willybar once it has been installed? 

Yes, the Willybar can be removed with the use of an Allen wrench.  Detailed, step by step instructions will be supplied with the purchase of a Willybar.

Does the Willybar interfere with loading equipment into my truck bed?  

The Willybar is low profile and only two inches in height.  You may also use the Willybar ramp attachment to remove obstruction completely.  View the video to see how the ramp is used with the Willybar.  VIEW WILLYBAR VIDEO>>

What is your return policy? 

The Willybar has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  If you choose to return it, please supply original packaging and attachments.  Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

How durable is the Willybar?  

The Willybar is specially powder coated to prevent rust with a top layer of Line X to resist wear and tear.

Is the Willybar safe?  

The Willybar is over-engineered with solid and durable attachments, bolted into the truck bed with grade 8 bolts, hardened washers, and a safety cable with a breaking strength of 4000 lbs.  In addition, they are made in the United States.

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